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The ultimate milk crate garden


TipPot™ makes the veggie garden fun!


The amazing fabric that stretches with the soil


The most flexible trellis on the market


TipPot™ for Veggies

Stretch Grow Fabric™

A one of a kind fabric for a one of a kind planter

After many trials we created a custom stretch fabric that pulls the soil together and lets you pour water right through it. This design protects the roots and prevents air gaps between the soil and fabric.We engineered an effective way to close it up around the stem keeping the soil in and those pesky fungus gnats out. Won’t miss them!Even better dye your Stretch Grow Fabric with Rit Dye to make if fun, different and one of a kind just like you! Can you say tie dye gardens?

  • Stretch Grow fabric turns a milk crate into the perfect fabric garden
  • Close up fabric around plant stem preventing fungus gnats for indoor growing
  • Stretch Grow Fabric expands and contracts with soil when moisture levels change preventing gaps between fabric and soil
  • You can pour water right through Stretch Grow Fabric making watering easy
  • Dye it any color with non-toxic Rit Dye Synthetic

Tie Dye it!


Rit Dye™ Synthetic turns Stretch Grow Fabric™ any color you would like. Make a statement with you garden.

Milk crate garden


Ah the Milk Crate. The perfect holder, stacker, organizer, dorm room furniture and now planter with great handles. Add Stretch Grow Fabric to a milk crate and you have the perfect planter. Period

No fungus gnats!


If gardening indoors fungus gnats are always an nasty problem. Our around the stem method eliminates those little pests. Not gonna miss you!

Bender Trellis™

The most flexible trellis

How would you like a trellis that allows you to adjust the spacing of every branch independently at anytime during the grow cycle?With Bender Trellis you can.Every branch is attached to its own support allowing you to bend it exactly where you want it.Space out those big flowers or fruits for perfect light coverage an increased airflow preventing mold.Individual supports prevents branches from becoming intertwined with the trellis making harvest time easier.

  • Bender Trellis is the most flexible trellis on market
  • Compresses canopy for ultimate light penetration
  • Adjust branch spacing anytime during grow cycle
  • 4 foot tall, 2 foot wide
  • Tames the wildest plants
  • Free velcro plant ties come with Bender Trellis
  • Hand bent in the USA
  • Slim profile save space
  • Comes with 14 support wires for total control of 28 individual branches

                 Patent Pending

Clean and sleek


Bender Trellis™ saves space and looks good

Adjust support wires anywhere


Spring-like support wires can be adjusted up or down anywhere they are needed.

Free Velcro plant ties


Bender Trellis comes with free velcro plant ties. The perfect way to secure your plants

28 foot tall tomato in 4 feet


Zig Zagging your tomatoes up Bender Trellis allows you to grow a 28 foot tall tomato in the space of 4 feet. Tame those cherry tomatoes finally!

Stretch Grow Fabric can also cover old pots


Make those old pots look new each season. What color are you going for this year?


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